WhatsApp Messenger is such a great platform to build conversation through chatting over internet or Wi-Fi. The WhatsApp user must have some questions in mind and I am going to discuss those with you. There is one very crucial query that possibly you might have is how to know someone has blocked you on WhatsApp? There are a number of clues can help you to appraise if any of your contact has blocked you that are discussed below.

Last Seen & Online Status

If anyone has blocked you then you cannot see last seen or online status of that contact in the window. It means you cannot see while the contact is online and what is the last time when the contact seen WhatsApp.

Profile Updates

You cannot see the profile updates of that contact which include: profile picture and status if that contact has changed.

Check Mark on Message

There is another way to authenticate that you are blocked by any of contact is if you send message to that contact then it will be single check marked(ü). It will not be second check marked that can indicate you the message delivered.

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