Communities are now available on WhatsApp for users of Android, iOS, and the web. The new functionality is designed to make it easier for users to join WhatsApp groups that are important to them.

WhatsApp is officially making Communities available to users on Android, iOS, and the web after unveiling the functionality a few weeks ago. The new functionality is designed to make it easier for users to join WhatsApp groups that are important to them. The only purpose of launching Communities was to unite individuals and organizations with similar interests.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, stated in a statement announcing Communities, “Today we are delighted to share our idea for a new feature we are introducing to WhatsApp called Communities. Since the inception of WhatsApp in 2009, we’ve concentrated on figuring out how to provide users the experience that comes closest to having a face-to-face discussion with a person, group, or loved one. Additionally, we regularly hear from folks who use WhatsApp for community coordination and communication.

Similar to groups, WhatsApp Communities allows you to add more users. For instance, WhatsApp groups enable people to join a single chat, but WhatsApp Communities enables you to link together groups with related interests. You may connect with your schools, community, camps, and other organizations by gathering relevant groups in one location.

On WhatsApp Web, you can locate the Community tab in the upper right corner of your screen, however for iOS users, it shows directly next to the conversations and settings options.

Here is how to start a WhatsApp community: On your app or WhatsApp, select the Community Tab.

– Type in the community’s name, summary, and profile picture. The community name should not exceed 24 characters, kindly take attention. Members should be able to tell from your description what your community is all about.

– To add to an existing group or start a new one, click the green arrow icon. You may also add already existing groups or make new ones to a community.

– Click the green check mark button after adding the groups.

Notably, in addition to the announcement group, a user can create up to 50 more groups. The announcement group can have up to 5000 members added. Any member of the community is welcome to join groups. “Your community’s announcement group will be formed immediately. Community administrators can use this area to communicate with every member of the announcement group, according to WhatsApp.

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