WhatsApp is such a highly-popular android cross-messaging application is now available on your Computer or Laptop. I have heard a common question from a number of people who are new to use WhatsApp or trying to use WhatsApp on their system. The question is how to install WhatsApp on Computer or Laptop? I am here to refer you best way to install WhatsApp on Computer or Laptop. While searching for WhatsApp, you will surely find some sites that will show a window to download WhatsApp and it is not right way and it will not download your Messenger on System. Yes, you cannot download WhatsApp or cannot run this application since you need to install software on the system first that is “Bluestacks”. Follow some essential steps to install WhatsApp on the computer or laptop which steps are listed below:


1)    Download Bluestacks Software online to access a number of applications on the laptop or computer.
2)    After the completion of download process, you can install it on your laptop or computer.
3)    After installation of Bluestacks, it is time to install WhatsApp messenger on laptop/computer.
4)    You will see search bar while running Bluestacks that will ask you to enter which android application you want to install.
5)    You can search for WhatsApp Messenger and will see a WhatsApp messenger icon in the list of options displayed and click on WhatsApp.
6)    Here, a new window will open with WhatsApp messenger where you can click on Install, further it will show privacy policy which you can accept to install this application.
7)    Now, the WhatsApp is available on your laptop/computer and further all the practices will be same as on mobile which include: to enter your contact number, confirm code, add contacts and so on.

In this way, the Bluestacks is such highly preferable software that helps you to run android applications through your system. It will charge your internet or Wi-Fi plan and other features are same as on android device.

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