Attention Android lovers! Your phone has got some really cool features that you need to play with right now!

There is no doubting that the Android operating system is user-friendly, flexible, and lets you personalise or configure your device’s UI. This article will offer some incredible hacks that will undoubtedly astound you and let you get even more enjoyment out of your Android interface. So let’s start!

1. Floating keyboard

Imagine having a small keyboard that floats around on your screen and can be dragged anywhere you want it to. Sounds cool, right? Well, Android makes it possible with Gboard keyboard. All that you need to do is install the Gboard app and under the settings section of your phone, select the app as your primary input method. And that’s all, you are all set! Enjoy putting the keyboard anywhere on your screen. You also get the option of changing it’s colour and themes.

2. Create Whatsapp shortcut for group or individual chats

Now you can add your favourite person’s chat on your phone’s home screen by creating its shortcut. It really makes the access to that particular chat quick and easy. Follow the steps to create the shortcut –

● Open the app and long press the chat for which you want to create a shortcut.
● 3 Dots will appear on the screen’s top right corner.
● Click on “Add Chat Shortcut“.

3. Camera’s floating shutter
No longer is it necessary to always use the fixed shutter button when taking pictures or selfies. Android interface now lets you have a floating shutter instead. Here’s how to get it –
Open the camera > Settings Icon > Shooting Methods > Floating Shutter Button
These tricks should help you to make the most of your Android smartphones. W76e hope you liked them. Enjoy!

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