Many of you may be bothered for how to hide my profile pic from strangers or even friends due to any reason. WhatsApp is world acceptable app so it also facilitates for you to hide your personal stuff specially Profile Pic. It is really an easy process for you to hide your profile pic if you want anytime. You can do this easily by following some steps as below:

Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo

After selecting profile photo, you will get three choices again which will enable you to hide your profile photo from everyone, only from your contacts and nobody.

Everyone: You can select everyone if you want everyone that has your contact can see your profile photo.

My Contacts: You can choose my contacts if you want only your WhatsApp buddies can see your profile photo.

Nobody: You can choose Nobody option if you want no WhatsApp user can see your WhatsApp profile photo whether it is your friends on WhatsApp or the strangers.

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