You may have numbers of queries about maintaining security on WhatsApp. WhatsApp messenger is popular application for android and this app lets the android users to hide their status also. These new features in privacy update this cross-messaging application greatly. Now the question here is how to hide my status on WhatsApp? There is very simple approach to hide your status on WhatsApp if you are new at WhatsApp. You need to follow some basic steps on WhatsApp in order to keep your status hidden as:

Settings > Account  > Privacy > Status

After selecting Status option in privacy, you are able to set visibility of your status on WhatsApp as per own preference. You will get three options here those are: everyone, my contacts and nobody to set the visibility of your status.

Everyone: If you want everyone include: your contacts and strangers that has your contact can see your status then you can choose everyone.

My contacts: If it requires hiding your status from strangers and only your contacts can see your status then select my contacts.

Nobody: If you want nobody can view your status on the WhatsApp then you can choose nobody option in status.

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