WhatsApp users would surely like to enjoy new features and want to add security on the WhatsApp account. I am using WhatsApp messenger from long time since it was new at App Store or Play Store so I am able to suggest you for your all queries that you may have. Many of you may look for how to hide my last seen status on WhatsApp? I have absolute answer for your query that will help you to hide your last seen on WhatsApp and no contacts will see the last time when you use WhatsApp. You can follow some basic steps to hide your last seen status:

Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen

After selecting last seen, you will find three further options to select from. These three options are: Everyone, My contacts and Nobody where you can choose according to your preference.

Everyone: You can select everyone in Last Seen that will show your last seen status to everyone.

My Contacts: You can show your WhatsApp Last Seen to your contacts only as strangers cannot see what the last time when you use WhatsApp.

Nobody: If you select nobody in Last Seen then it will hide your last seen status from everyone whether these are your friends on WhatsApp or strangers.

There is another fact about hiding your Last Seen is that you cannot see the last seen of your other contacts also. You will be showed online if you are using WhatsApp similarly you can see online status while other buddies are online but cannot see last seen status.

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