Viber is such a great cross-platform messaging application that lets the Viber users to send text messages, make calls and many more on free of cost. It is not all about Viber since the Viber consist an option Viber Out that you can use to enjoy new features. The Viber out is such a great options that is used to make calls instantly with the contacts who don’t have Viber application. You can make call using Viber out to any contact on phone number or even on landline number without any hassle.

When you make Viber to Viber calls then it will cost you nothing where in other side if you make Viber out calls then it will charge very low cost. It is best way to save money and you can also compare the cost of Viber out with Skype out to appraise which application is more beneficial. You don’t need to do extra efforts while it comes to make Viber out calls since you can select the contact through Viber contact list and can select Viber out from your device.

You need to purchase credit through Viber out and then you can make call on any contact it may be phone number or landline. This feature has added more acceptances in the android application and you can take credit as per your own choice. You don’t need to bother for the balance that you have bought through Viber out as it will be there as long as you are running Viber. You can select contact from the list that appears in Viber list and can also use Viber keyboard to enter contact number while using Viber out. Android Apps Advisor offers detailed information about android applications and related concepts.

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