It is major question that you might have as how to run android on PC? Android is highly prominent name in these days which has broad scope among present generation. The android is popular for its wide variety of applications and features that you can run through the android device. Many of you may want to run android on your system or laptop to enjoy those applications and may look for the solution. There is very genuine solution is available for you to install “Oracle VM VirtualBox”  which is cross-platform virtualization software enables you to run several operating systems on your PC, laptop, Macintosh and many more. It is in-built virtualization software package for X86 and AMD64/intel64-based computers from oracle corporation.

Once you install VirtualBox then it will be easy for you to run a number of android applications on PC with no hassle. You can install this Oracle VM VirtualBox by following some essential steps as below:


  • Install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your PC or the laptop where you want to run android.
  • Open VirtualBox and choose New on the window and here in the dialogue box you can enter the name that you want and can make further selection include: type, version and so on.
  • Now, you need to enter the memory size as you want to run your android on PC. Remember 1GB is minimum size that is required to run any application.
  • Create a virtual hard drive while selecting creating in the window. Then make further selections for VDI or VHD then select constant or static option to create virtual machine of your choice.
  • Now, select Virtual device and go on settings and in settings you need to select as:

Settings -> Storage Tree -> Empty

In the attributes, select Android 4.3 ISO file you downloaded and check now and then click Ok.

  • You have to start the virtual device and then select from the window Install Android X86 to hard disk.
  • Then choose Create or Modify screen and create new primary bootable panel and choose write. After finishing writing you can quit the screen.
  • Then install sda1 and select type ext3, select yes for installation.
  • Remove live ISO from VirtualBox and reboot.

Now, you can perform all your genuine steps to installing any operating system. Remember your username and password of the administrator user account on Virtual machine since you will need it always when you want to log in to the virtual machine. The VirtualBox is such great software since it enables you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously.

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