WhatsApp Messenger is a popular android application can be used in window phones, smartphones or android phones. It is such messaging application that helps you to stay in touch with friends using WhatsApp. This application is world wide popular because of its easy, flexible and great features for android users. WhatsApp uses your 3d and Wi-Fi data plan and charge no cost to transfer text messages, images, videos, audio and many more. WhatsApp messenger is available in play store to download anytime for free of cost. Its size is only 14.57 MB while you will download it and there are multiple In-app Purchases are available for you.  Android Apps Advisor is going to discuss some important features of WhatsApp Messenger that may help the new users to enjoy this adorable application.

No Additional Charges:- Once you have downloaded the WhatsApp Messenger, then it will never accept any hidden charge and you can use it as much as you want. There is no limit for messages as no cost will be applied.

Multimedia Features:- WhatsApp Messenger allows the user to send videos, images, voice notes, audio to their friends on WhatsApp.

Group Conversation:- This Messenger enables you to construct group conversations with a number of friends or contacts on WhatsApp.

No Cost on International Chat:- WhatsApp Messenger is such a great application as it never accept any cost to send an email, WhatsApp messages worldwide. You can chat with your WhatsApp friends as long as you want without paying additional cost.

No Pins And Usernames Required:-The WhatsApp Messenger is based on your contact number that you have filled while creating account on WhatsApp. There is not need to remember you pins or usernames because only the person can become friend on WhatsApp who have your contact number.

Say No to Log In/Out:- There is no need to log in and log out the WhatsApp Messenger while using as it runs automatically since your data plan is enabled. No need to shut down the system or no need to start it as it always available.

No Requirement To Add Contacts:- You don’t need to add your friends on the WhatsApp as the contacts available in your android device having WhatsApp will automatically display.

Save Offline Messages:- If you have turn off your phone or there is no data plan for some days then WhatsApp will save all the messages until you are offline.

And Other Features:- WhatsApp Messenger has full range of features where some are discussed above and some includes: exchange location, contacts, messages, custom wallpaper, notifications sound, chat settings, privacy, profile, landscape mode, email chat history, multimedia messages, broadcast messages, expression symbols and many more.

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