WhatsApp Messenger is available to download on Android platform, iPhone, Windows phone, Nokia phones and on many more devices. If you feel trouble to download WhatsApp Messenger then there can be plenty of reasons behind such occurrence. Most probably, many of you may feel difficulty in downloading WhatsApp first time where many of you may have another issue about downloading. Firstly, I am going to discuss the process to install WhatsApp for beginners who are just unaware with the environment of App Store or Play Store.

How to Download WhatsApp

  • You can start Play Store/ App Store where all the android apps, games, books and movies are available and can choose apps from those options.
  • In the apps, you will find a large listing of android applications and here the apps are categorized as home, top apps, top free and top paid.
  • You will found WhatsApp in the beginning and can touch on it then you can read description about the application and here you will found install.
  • Touch on install and there some app permissions will open that you can read and can accept them to carry on.
  • Your WhatsApp messenger will be installed within some time and now you are able to use this superb application through your android device.

The Above process is mentioned for those who are going to use WhatsApp first time. In other side, many users may have problems like: “I download WhatsApp once using Google Play Store and uninstalled it. But now I want to install it again where I am unable to download this application rather than others… why it occurs??..”

It is very common and major issue among you guys but I have best solution for this one. This Messenger is using a technique that we dub “clean install” and you can choose this option to delete WhatsApp from your phone. Now your device will ask you it requires reboot then choose OK (To power on/off your device). And now you can download and install the newest Version of WhatsApp with the same procedure as you did in beginning. Open your WhatsApp and you will able to run this application easily again. If you have any other query or problem using WhatsApp Messenger then immediately prefer to Android Apps Advisor for best solution.

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