The people who are new for WhatsApp or not using WhatsApp they are unaware with this cross-messaging & world popular android app. WhatsApp Messenger is another messenger like Facebook messenger but there are some minor differences among these both messengers. In this application, you don’t need any username/ Id and password yet your mobile number is everything here to run this application.

The application requires device

  1. Android
  2. Smart phone
  3. Window phone
  4. IPhone
  5. Nokia touch-and-type etc.

The application is available to install on

1. Play Store (Android device)

2. App Store (Apple iPhone)

3. Ovi Store (Nokia Phone)

You should install this free of cost application and can enjoy its features. It will enable you to send as many messages, videos, audios, images as you want in a day through Wi-Fi, 2G/ 3G or any network.


How it works?

While you have once installed this application on your device then you are able to create your account on WhatsApp. You can use only single phone number to run WhatsApp on single device and to run WhatsApp on another device you need another phone number. While you will enter your number during creation of account then it will automatically display the contacts that are saved in your phone is using WhatsApp messenger in favorites list. Now, you are able to chat with your friends and many more.

It also enables you to build group conversations with number of contacts and can share images, messages, voice, audio, video and many more. You don’t need to logout/ login your account time to time yet it will work automatically until you have internet connection. The WhatsApp messenger is totally free to use and there is no cost to use it anytime. Android Apps Advisor feels happy to share its personal experience about android apps with you.

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