2015 is the year where we have witnessed many changes in the android world. Many new version of android has been launched this year and so the applications too. These are the top five application of 2015 that attract lot of applaud and downloads form the users.

  1. Photos:

Google photos is launched this year and it is one of the most prominent app where user can store unlimited photo and videos. Photo offers you automatic backup options and you can also edit and share photos on the go. In addition it has many tools that allow you to search and sort the photos easily. It is a must have app for all the people who love to share or preserve the sweet memories of life.

  1. Skype:

 Skype was first launched in 2003 and completely changed the way we communicate. Now the Skype app is also available in the play store and it absolutely free. You can now communicate using video calls, voice call and also avail chat option.

  1. Google fit:

Google fit5 is a free android app and it dedicated to all the people want to stay fit. Now you can track your activity with this app effortlessly. Now all you need is to set your goal based on duration, distance, calories burned and see your progress throughout the day.

  1. Dreamstime:

This app allows you to sell your photos. It is a free app where you can upload your photos to a dreamstime’s stock photo archive where millions of people can see and buy your photos. Not only this you can also track the sales of your photos. This app also offers you some tips that can help you to sell your photos faster.

  1. Everypost:

It is a must have app for all who are connected with many social channels. This app allows you to register the multiple social accounts where you can send your post individually or as a group. You can also schedule your post for the future.

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