Google is famous for naming its newer software updates after the names of sweets like cupcakes, donut, éclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich, jellybean, kitkat and lollipop. If one can notice that these are not only sweets name but also in alphabetic order. So the newer android software by Google has the code name of Android M. Here M stands for marshmallow.

This newer update of android 6.0.1 marshmallow became officially available in May 28, 2015. This newer update is basically launched for Nexus devices like Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 tablets and Nexus player set-top box. Although this software follows the material design of its predecessor but it has quite a new features added to its design.

This software promises refinement for its users and with these features people will definitely appreciate the work of software makers who are continually trying to benefit there users. The changes provided by this update will definitely be felt by its users in their daily life.

Some of its exciting features are mentioned below:

  1. Its has TAP MODE now:

It is the new feature that automatically in essence does Google searches inside apps automatically. All this is available with a single tap. It allows information from a currently opened app to be sent to some desirable “assistant” application for analysis and processing.

  1. Portability

It now has the feature of designating a newly inserted SD card or other secondary storage as either “portable” or “internal” storage. Previously it had default behaviour of treating the media as secondary storage.

  1. New double tap button to start camera

This feature allows user to quickly open the camera by pressing the power button twice when the screen is turned off. With the new update Google brought this feature to its older versions of devices such as Nexus 5 and 6, 2013 version of 7 and nexus 9.

  1. It gives emoji support

The biggest change in the marshmallow update is the presence of more emojis. A varied sorts of makeover has been done to emojis. About 200 new emojis based on Unicode 8 are added.

  1. Alarm feature

This feature allows the user to automatically un-mute notifications rather than performing the mute and un-mute manually.

  1. Resolved clock viruses

Sometimes when the clock runs slowly a full reboot to re-sync with the server used to be the only solution but with the new update, Google has resolved the issue.

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