There is good news for Whatsapp users who want to make this app more secure and private. Yes, there is new update launched that helps for end-to-end encryption of chats, group chats and calls even. You can protect your messages, videos, images, audio or anything else you might share on Whatsapp from hackers, cybercriminals, and oppressive regimes.

The Whatsapp is cross platform application that helps you to stay connected with friends, family or relatives to share information. Once you have installed this application then you just need an internet connection to use it anywhere or anytime. This application is popular all around the world for communication purpose and now to protect your shared moments more secure, the new update is launched.

Every WhatsApp update had brought new features for users and now this update has brought end-to-end encryption for users. This feature will enable you to encrypt your messages, photos, videos, documents and calls and never let them fall into wrong hands. Now, you can make your conversation with friends or family secret with this new update.

How to get end-to-end encryption update on your device?

To get this new update, you just need to update the version of Whatsapp from Google Play Store, App Store or any other store from which you have installed the application. Once you have updated your WhatsApp version, then you can enjoy this feature. This feature is only available if you and the people you message are using the latest version of the app.

This new feature ensures that you and the receiver of message can only read the message you’ve sent. Nobody will be able to read the message you’ve sent or received while it is in encrypted form. This is because your messages are locked and only you and the recipient will have the key to unlock the messages and read them. For each message you’ll have a unique key which add more protection for WhatsApp users.