The android phone is one the common device is being used by the people throughout the world. Generally, android devices or smart phones are very classic so these devices are in higher preference but they don’t have endless battery life.  Due to unlimited use of android applications, the battery doesn’t support the android phone for even a day. Mostly, people have an issue about the limited battery support and they find for the relevant solution to save battery on android phone. The limited battery life makes it difficult to use the android phone where sometime it is not possible to charge the phone immediately when battery is getting down. The people may experience several problems due to limited battery backup of their android device. The android has brought a number of applications to enable the android users to save battery. Yes, there are multiple android applications will help you to save the battery of your android device and let you to use android phone as much as you want.

Battery Saving Apps on Android

  • Easy Battery Saver: If your android device has limited battery life and if it requires charging every time then Easy Battery Saver is best solution. It is such a great energy saving application available for android devices. It is great solution developed to extend battery life and optimize the using habit. The key features of using this application includes: Easy to use, Effective and Considerable. It is highly admired application in the Play Store or App Store for saving battery since it gets 4.6 stars from 5.0.
  • Battery Doctor: Battery Doctor is free battery saving application can extend your battery life up to 50% by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device. It will surely help you to maintain effective battery backup for whole day while disabling unnecessary apps that drain your battery more. It is professional, easy and 19 languages supportive application will surely work for your requirement. The features of this application are: disable unnecessary apps, kill the tasks at one click, accurate battery remaining time, schedule power saving modes, brightness control, simple and easy interface.
  • DU Battery Saver & Widgets: DU Battery Saver & Widgets is another battery saver and android power doctor & manager. It enables you to get up to 50% more battery life for android devices will solve battery problems and extend the battery life. The major features of this application are: Fast, Simple, Effective, Convenient, Easy & Powerful, Smart Pre-set modes, one click optimization, healthy charge stage manager and many more. There are some must have pro features of DU battery saver includes: Intelligent mode-switching, automatically clear apps, CPU frequency and many more.
  • Battery Saver Booster: Don’t bother for limited battery life and get ready to increase the battery life with only one click. Battery saver booster makes it possibly by doing all tedious work for you. The application is able to handle background processes as well as your internet connection in order to make a more effective use of your phone. The fast analysis by application will tell you how much your battery can be saved while removing the unnecessary data.
  • Deep Sleep Battery Saver: It is another powerful solution for your limited battery life issues. Deep Sleep Battery Saver constantly put the device to deep sleep mode while screen off. In the advanced mode, you can customize more parameters, including day/night settings, active period, screen timeout, sync timeout, ignored apps etc. The major features include: 5 pre-defined profiles, custom profile, custom profile setting, frequency, duration, sync, apps, CPU, night period and so on. The application is supportive to a number of languages and gives complete support to increase the battery life.

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