The android phone is one of the common devices to be used by people across the world for number of applications. There are plenty of applications are available for any single application will surely suit to different tastes. Social networking is such a great platform to interface with people around the world as well as your friends. The social network enables you to stay in connection with your friends, family, relatives etc to share your thoughts, ideas and many more. There are number of social networking sites are there to help you to increase your reach or to make it world wide. Now, the android has brought the social network in your hand with the social networking apps for android device. The apps will let you to surf these social networks through your device and to stay connected with your friends.

Best Social networking apps

  • Facebook:- Facebook is highly preferable social networking app for android that lets you to communicate in social network with your friends across the globe. The application consists of several features where you can not only communicate with others but can post your thoughts, images, and other helpful links to let your friends like those posts and many more. It is also free to use but it will use your data plan and Wi-Fi. It is one of the highly creative social networking options which will also entertain you with its play game option. The application enables you to stay online always until you logout the ID and enjoy the features of this app.
  • Twitter:- Twitter is the place to get latest news connected to world and express yourself. Twitter application is available for android to use and to browse this social network on your device anytime. Here, you will get breaking news about your favorite celebrities, athletes and many more. The twitter is best place to share your ideas, views and thoughts with others and to get latest updates throughout the world. Twitter is free app will let you to stay connected with people across the world in a network and discover everything you love.
  • Linkedin:- Linkedin is another really popular social networking application for android will surely help you to stay in touch with friends. The app makes it easy for you to build your personal brand, make connections, stay informed about personal news and many more. You can find and connect with professional network of people throughout the world. It enables you to read industry news to stay informed and the application is really useful for businesses. You can even follow the influencers to get sound advice and for other stuff.
  • Instagram:- It is stunning application on android that is accepted by 200 million users. The application lets you to capture and share the world’s moment on your android device anytime. You can take photos and videos with your iOS device, apply a few special effects and share them with family or friends on its own social network or through other social networks. Every time when you will open the instagram will see creative stuff shared by your friends. It lets you to share your personal stuff through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and can do unlimited uploads.
  • Telegram:- Telegram is beautifully designed social networking app which focus on speed and security. In this social network, you can build groups with up to 200 participants in order to stay connected with everyone. The key features of Telegram includes: Fast, Secure, Cloud storage, Group chat & sharing, Reliable, Privacy and so on. Basically, you can go for telegram in order to have complete secure messaging features. It also provides secret chatting option for those who are very much concerned to privacy.