Viber is such an instant messaging application available on android, iPhone, windows phone and many other devices. The major reason behind higher populous of this cross-platform application is its free calling system around the world. Yes, it is true you can make viber to viber calls with no cost. Many of you may have queries in mind like: how to make viber to viber call, how to make free call through my android phone, how to make free call from my iPhone and etc.

There is very simple answer for your all queries is to install viber through App Store or Play Store on your device. When you have installed such application then you are able to add all the contacts on viber who have installed viber already. No need to make special effort as you should touch on the contact with whom you want to chat or want to make call. In the window, you will see calling badge on the top where the contact name is available and simply touch on that symbol.

Now, you are able to talk with other viber user free of cost as long as you want through internet connection.  You can make voice call through viber and can also make Video calls through viber that is more convenient option for you. You don’t need to stay online all the time to receive calls or messages yet you will receive all the notifications if you are offline. Android Apps Advisor makes you familiar with new and amazing applications that are really beneficial for you to use through android devices.

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