Android users always look for the latest feature in their android device they are using. Now, the Iphone users are trying to find the way to make their phone completely invisible.  They should remain their Iphone cloaked until they whisper a pass phrase.  It is great idea will let you to make your Iphone completely invisible and it is one of the outstanding security functions that you can add in your Iphone.   If you assume that sounds crazy, how about rendering a complete automobile or a space ship invisible? If it is crazier then it will be truth very easily.


Approximately 10 years ago, cloaking devices were still thoroughly fettered to the realm of science fiction and thought to defy the laws of optics.  The researchers have announced the research of new technique that will be used to render invisible anything from an Iphone to anything else.  There are some techniques are developed will help you to make an Iphone completely invisible include: Optical Camouflage, Nanotechnology, Metamaterials, and many more.  You can also project the view from beneath a plane onto the cockpit floor so that a pilot can have an ideal concept of closely where the airstrip is.


Making something invisible is not new or strange concept as the air is one of the biggest examples of invisibility that never appears.  Metamaterials are tailored by reorganizing the constructing blocks of a material in refined arrays so that its general index of refraction is bad instead of good.   If these all the techniques bring into use then it will be quick to make anything invisible whether it is your Iphone or any other device.