Google Now Launcher has brought a lot for the android users and it is available for all android devices. The android users having Nexus and Google Play Edition hardware was just able to download the launcher. But today the changes are made and it is updated which let all the android users to have this launcher. Now, the android users who are running Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher are able to give new features to their android device.

Google Now Launcher lets the android users to give a smart touch of Nexus to their device and can get instant access to Google Now with just a swipe on the screen. Once the Google Now Launcher is installed on your android device, you will see a different dock without a line separating it from the home screen and will see other sight visual tweaks.

It is such a best feature that is brought in the android devices to enhance the users’ search experience. You should upgrade the launcher on your device to make Google Now one swipe away as you can swipe from primary home screen to access Google Now Cards. Google Now is easy way to get information of right time and you just need to say OK Google when you are on home screen and need to say your search query to Google. It is more efficient and fast searching tool and it will provide you quick access to your favorite products.

It provides larger viewing area – the status and navigation bars are now transparent, so your wallpaper pops from every pixel, and is even visible when you expand your apps drawer. The Google is trying to make it more compatible to other users so that everyone can enjoy OK Google always on voice commands are genuinely pretty useful.