The android platform is broadly progressive platform in the world which has higher significance in meanwhile. The android apps have great role to make this platform more progressive and acceptable. Everyone is using android device since the android lets the people to do a lot through small device. Now, it is time to change the home screen of your android phone or tablet with widget apps. These widget apps let you to modify your home screen in the way you want and can make it more useful. You should pick more useful widget and transforms the home screen of phone or tablet into a powerful tool. Due to increased usability of android platform, the android developers have designed a number of android widget apps. These widgets enable you to arrange your applications in the way you want to use or can make it more powerful.

Top 5 Free Widget Apps

  • Ultimate Custom Widget: The Ultimate Custom Widget lets you to customize your android home screen without rooting the phone or installing a custom ROM. UCCW or Ultimate Custom Widget is a versatile or free widget that allows you to completely customize the home screen of your phone or tablet.
  • Slider Widget: Slider Widget is another interesting widget app let you to change the settings of your device without visiting to each application or settings. It is completely easy to use and very instinctive.
  • Zooper Widget: Zooper is another exciting widget app comes with several unique customization features. Once you have installed the Zooper then it will be automatically downloaded with sample templates and font styles to choose. It is somewhat classy, battery friendly and customizable offer a number of distinctive features.
  • HD Widget: HD widgets are highly popular, easy to use and having fun features. In this widget app, you don’t need to do any effort just swipe the tap to select color, icon, apps and so on.
  • SwitchPro Widget: It is highly acceptable widget app available for free to download containing easy, elegant and fast features. It doesn’t use background services or network access. It has powerful interface and unique widget customization features.