Android is only a platform which has broad significance and it has full of usual and interesting features. Google Play Store has brought a lot to enlarge the importance of android platform. Google Play Store apps are being highly recognized feature that everyone has enjoyed but it is not all since the Google Play Books are also a way to enjoy this large platform. Google Play Store has brought full range of Google Play Books which are related to multiple categories. Google Play Books is best place to explore, purchase and read books on your android device. Like android apps, the android books are also releasing day by day and the fans of reading books have opportunity to read new books in the way they want.

Google Play Store has made it easy and interesting to manage your library with variety of books. You can buy new book when releases and can save it to your device.


Features of Google Play Books 


Explore, Purchase & Save Books: Google Play Books are available in wide variety of categories to select from. You should explore books here, can purchase any book or can save it to your device to read it. You should purchase any number of books on your android device and can read these books.

Make Searching & Sorting: Google Play Books are suitable to different tastes and preferences so there are a wide range of books are available. If you want a book of any particular author, title or anyway in Google Play Books library then you can use search option available at the top of this window. It also lets you to sort the list of books in the way you want to display.

Delete Books From Your Android Device: Google Play Books provide couple of different and useful options to users. Now, it lets you to delete any book from your device if it has no longer use. If you want to delete any book permanently or want to free some storage space then you can delete the book on your device easily. There are two ways to remove any book whether to delete it from your device or to remove it from your books library.