The learners of the English language don’t need to bother since it is time to feel free with android device and its excellent applications. Yes, there are several applications are there to help the language learners and it is being possible due to latest technology. There are plenty of English speaking apps that enable the learners to easily grab the communicative basics of a new language with in some time. You just need to download the English speaking application in your android device and it is best source that will be always with you to learn English. Different English speaking applications are usual for different needs of a learner will surely work for you.

Top 5 English Speaking apps

  • English Test – Grammar:- English Grammar Test apps is best solution for the learner of English Language. It is the application that helps you to improve your English Grammar ability. With over the 15000 English Quiz including every aspect of English Grammar, this app is very useful for every English learner to get English Grammar skill better. There are about 15000+ questions that are categorized into 3 major levels include: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • English Conversation Practice:- English Conversation Practice is a helpful app to practice English conversation for everyone. The application helps you to do best practice of this language since it also gives you added knowledge for this language. With up to 2000 English conversations categorized into 2 levels: Basic English and Advanced English Conversation, you can strengthen your English speaking and listing skills perfectly. It is best app as it is supportive for offline mode and enables you to search conversation.
  • Learn English, Speak English:- The application helps you to speak with a video character and get instant feedback. It consists of several features to improve your English speaking skills. More than 100 levels, 1000 different dialogs, 1800 sentences, 1300 vocabulary and hundreds of Quiz questions. It lets you to talk in English with video character and there is automatic speech recognition understands and rates your speech since it has rich multimedia features.
  • Speak English:- Speak English is another helpful application for the learners of English language that help you to learn pronunciation and English speaking ability. There are different topics are categorized in several groups include: Pronunciation, Basic English, Job Interview, Presentations, Customer Service. The Speak English app is the best source will surely train you for enhancing English Speaking skills.
  • How to Speak Real English:- How to speak real English? It is one of the common questions in the mind of the English language learners. The android app “How to speak real English” is best solution will give you step to step guidance for learning English language. The application consists of Real English Vocabulary, Video Lessen, Over 8 Lessons, MES Conjunction system, Vocabulary book with Flash Card Type and many more.