The android device is one of the common devices everyone would like to have. The major reason behind the higher demand of these devices is its wide variety of features. Yes, the android offers plenty of features and apps to meet your all the necessities exactly. Today, sharing is also in android devices which let you to move files wirelessly from one android device to another quickly. It is easy and effective way to send files from one device to another without connecting and USB cable. All these apps will help you to send files even without having internet access. You can share as many files as you want still two devices are connected to the same network.

File Sharing apps on Android

  • SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share:- Superbeam is the finest application available for android for sharing requirements. It is easiest and fastest way to share files between android devices using Wi-Fi direct. First you need to connect the devices using QR code, NFC or manual sharing key. The key features include: Blazing fast transfer speeds using Wi-Fi direct, pair devices using NFC or QR code scanning, share single or multiple files of any type, sharing with the devices that don’t have Superbeam through web interface and many more.
  • WiFi File Transfer:- Wi-Fi file transfer lets you upload and download files from your device over a wireless connection. It is effective and easy to use web interface that is completely wireless. The brief declaration about features include: upload or download files at once, upload entire folder structures, delete, rename, copy, zip or unzip the files using built-in file manager interface, password authentication, runs as a background service, works when the device has hotspot mode is enabled.
  • Bluetooth File Transfer:- Bluetooth is one of the highly recognized application for sharing files. It enables you to use your smart phone, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device. It is best to send and to receive files and it provides several features such as: custom security manager for incoming BT connection, 3rd party application can open, support to legacy 2.0 and AES encryption of zip files, search files, cut, copy, paste feature, cleaner program setting and so on.
  • Share Apps:- Share Apps is the great application lets you to share your apps’ installation package with your friends with one click only. Share app will show your application in list and you can pick anyone to share with you friends. The basic features of the application includes: share APK directly as attachment file, share apps link by any application, instant search, uninstall, open application, show in market, show application’s detail, backup APK to your SD card directly.
  • BAND -Group sharing & planning:- It accesses your android device over Wi-Fi as a windows shared folder. Your android device becomes visible to other windows computer on your network. It is capable of copying files and folders to and from the android device using drag and drop. You can use customizable user name, password, windows workgroup name and device network name. The internal storage in your android device is accessible as a network shared folder.