The android devices having full range of features are usual to different essentialities. The android apps are now available for students also that help the students in different ways. The android is not a platform for entertainment but it is productive for wide variety of applications. The student apps are helpful for students to get knowledgeable support for different subjects. There are plenty of applications for students are there to help you to find best solution to resolve your queries in best way. These applications are developed with complete focus on the students’ needs. You can explore the application about your need and can download it to use for further needs.

Android apps for students

  • Maths Student Diagnostic Tool:- The Maths GCSE Diagnostic tool is best application completely based on the skill based assessment program. The application covers all the mathematical topics in detail and let you to solve your mathematical problems quickly. The application mainly focuses on the Statistics and Number, Number and Algebra, Geometry and Algebra will surely suit you. All the topic comes under these categories will be explained properly to help you to become the master of this subject.
  • Calculator Plus Free:- It is another usual application for the students since it provides handy calculator. The calculator is easy to use since it is beautifully designed to do things better than your phone or handheld calculator. It is best application that will be always there to help you for calculator purpose whether it is time of shopping, doing homework, balancing checkbooks or calculating taxes. While using the application, you will never calculate anything wrong as the app will give you instant results for the input you made.
  • English Dictionary – Offline:- English Dictionary is the really popular application that enables you to solve your issues about English language. If you are not aware of the meaning of any word then go for it and get the detail of any word. Mostly, students feel trouble in understanding the English words and they have quick source to know the exact definition of that word in the android device. The application consists of 169000 words and 114000 inflected forms. It is fast application also supportive if there is no data plan.
  • Student Agenda:- Student Agenda is also another application for students that aims to provide complete guidance to organize themselves for better performance in studies. The objective of the application is to perform activities within the deadline combined, divide time between academics and personal life. The key features of this application includes: simplicity and lightweightness, timetable, scheduling of events, take photo to expand the description of events, calendar and many more.
  • Adobe Reader:- It is most popular application that everyone should have since it enables you to view and interact with PDF files easily. It enables the students to open any type of files in the device with no trouble. Without this application, your device will not support to PDF files and you will feel difficulty to open those documents. Once you install this application will be able to view and explore PDF documents easily. It also assists you to create PDF file from word or excel or can easily convert the images in PDF for easy sharing.