Android apps and games have revolutionized the android platform and have extended its significance. Meanwhile everyone is running android phone and android let them enjoy complete features of android platform in the form of running android applications. The android games enable the android users to enjoy their android device with these amazing and exciting games. There are 50 best android games to download and to play on Google Play Store that you can enjoy.


1)      Angry Birds

It is amazing android game is popular among the people throughout the world. The app consisting different levels to play that create more craze for the player to play in right manner in order to unlock another levels. Don’t wait more and immediately download it on your android device to enjoy this game.

2)      Bebbled

It is also another game available on Google Play Store to download and to play in the way you want. Bebbled is standard gem-stuffing thing, only presented in a different style and you only need to drop one gem on another to make larger group of the same colored gems.

3)      Frozen Bubble

Frozen bubble is the game consisting colored bubbles or gems are placed on one another. It requires to firing the bubbles in order to make group of same colored clusters.

4)      Connec Too

It is somewhat puzzle game which is colored-square-based that include linking the same colored square. You can link red to red, blue to blue, then yellow to yellow and see if there is another match then link them.

5)      Fruit Ninja Free

It is completely interesting and thrilling game is about slicing fruit and it is accepted around for many years. With the swipe of finger on the particular fruit will slice the fruit into two or multiple pieces.

6)      Tetris

The Tetris is most popular game to come out of Russia which has losing none of its gaming luster in the previous years. It is free to play game is available to play on your phone anytime.

7)      Jewels

Colored gems again in this game and here you need to switch pairs in order to make larger groups. There are different levels in this game which make this game more interesting.

8)      Brain Genius Deluxe

It is another exciting game available to download on android anytime on free. Brain genius deluxe is not going to be as slick but there is enough content to keep you brain training. It is brain game require to use brain for clearing level.

9)      Coloroid

It is completely simple and easy to play game has the look of the aftermath of an explosion in a Tetris factory. You need to expand colored area trying to fill them in with colors in few moves as possible.

10)  Temple Run 2

The Temple Run 2 is starting at a man’s bottom on public transport a completely acceptable pastime. In this the man needs endless running in order to collect more coins or make higher score.

11)  Subway Surfers

In this game, there is a Jake who is thief and running to collect coins and you need to help Jake and his friend from inspector who is trying to catch you. You need to run as swift as you can while avoiding all obstacles on the way.

12)  Candy Crush Saga

Candy crush saga is totally one of the most irresistible games in the world with more than 53 million players around the world. It is much sweet, colorful and interesting game where you need to clear one level to unlock next one until you don’t clear the level you will have to play same level. There are limited moves that you can take to crush the colorful candies.

13)  Formula Race

Formula Race is the highly fascinating racing game has dynamic races on diverse tracks located in the diverse parts of the world. It can be played in portrait mode with the thumb and it is available for free to download. Use the money you earn in each level to unlock boosters and new cars.

14)  Sky Force: Tactical Bomber 3D

It is flight simulation game simulates a combat training for mig bomber fighter pilots. You need to control the Russian mig fighter bomber. You should complete different levels or missions using precision bombs.

15)  My Talking Tom

My talking tom is really interesting game is like spending time with your own tom and to take care of his each and every need. It is way to enjoy life-like emotions as he is hungry; he is bore, he need to go to the bathroom and so on. The game contains a number of levels to fulfill in order to earn more coins.

16)  100 Doors: Seasons Part 2

The game with 100 doors enables you to solve different puzzles to open doors and to unlock next level. Collection of puzzles that you can solve on the road will delight you with new and exciting puzzle.

17)  OpenSudoku

OpenSudoku is open source Sudoku game having several input modes such as finger-friendly, numpad in the bottom of screen.

18)  Counter Force Shooter

The counter force shooter is shooting game where you will take role as an elite counter strike commando member. It helps the Special Forces to attack on terrorists or to destroy them. The game comprises multiple levels and amazing prerendered graphics.

19)  Air Control

Air control is the game based around pretending to be an air traffic controller, where you guide planes to landing strips with a swish of your finger.

20)  Cestos

In this game, the players chuck marbles at each other to try and smash everyone else’s gems down the drain and out of the zone. It has several levels that create interest in this game.