There is the good news for all the whatsapp users. Your favorite app has now launched the most awaited free calling feature. Now you can chat as well as call your pals using this amazing app. With the latest version of whatsapp it is possible for the android users to call freely.

Whatsapp is known for its instant chat service with more than 700 million users across the globe. This app provides many features like chatting, sending audio video message .The new calling feature will definitely boost the popularity of whatsapp and give benefit to its dedicated users.

Now let us see how you can get start with the Whatsapp calling:

To start calling with whatsapp is not a rocket science, you need to follow some simple step and you are ready to roll.

1. If you are a android user and have the whatsapp then all you need is to update your whatsapp version to the latest version or if you don’t have install the latest version from the Google play store.

2. The new whatsapp calling need android 2.1 and higher. The calling features supported by Android 4.4 KitKat and above version

3. After downloading click on the “install” button.

4. Your Whatsapp Calls has been activated successfully

5. Once updated or installed you have to find a friend or anyone who is using whatsapp calling feature and ask him/her to call you.

6. As you receive the call the calling feature activated on your android handset.

Once you have whatsapp calling feature activated you can help your friends to install the same. Once the calling feature activated your whatsapp interface have three tabs: calls, chats, contacts.

Once you answer the call, three tabs will appear at the top of your Whatsapp interface -calls, chats and contacts. That means voice calling has been facilitated.

The whatsapp calling feature is not available with iPhone, but with the new updated version you can see a calling button within the chat window. Window phone users will have to wait for it.