There is good news for the developer or the non android users. The Google has launched new application the “App Runtime for Chrome,” i.e.. ARC and now it is possible to run android applications on your desktop and window phones. Earlier developers were facing problem when they want to run any android app on desktop. The chrome has earlier come up with ARC in September that allows user to run android on all chrome enabled platform but it was limited to few developers.

The new app ARC welder is unique app that allows user to run android app on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It works based on Native Client (abbreviated “NaCL”) technology. The NaCL technology allows chrome apps and the plug-in to run at the speed of desktop so that it can take the advantage of CPU. The native client technology turns the chrome directly into the platform that allows your android app to run.

The newly launched application ARC Welder is capable convert any Android app into an ARC-powered Chrome app that can be easily run by chrome in any platform. The ARC Welder converts the mobile app into desktop version with few clicks in just a few clicks, using your Android app’s APK file for the job.

With the new application now the users can enjoy the android application on any platform and it is good step for the development of android. It is one area where the android was lag behind, but with the launch of this app android can pace with other leading platforms.

It is good for the developers too. They can now make single app that will work well on android and window platform.