The android offers a number of messengers to communicate with your friends and family who have installed the same application. There are several messengers or cross-messaging applications are available to choose from. All these messengers let you to send and receive messages fast and quick while having an internet access. Some of the popular messengers are explained below:

Top 5 Messengers for Android

Í      WhatsApp Messenger: WhatsApp Messenger is a popular android application can be used in window phones, smart phones or android phones. It is such a great messenger that helps you to stay in touch with friends using WhatsApp. Once you have downloaded the WhatsApp Messenger, then it will never accept any charges and you can use it as much as you want for free. The WhatsApp Messenger is based on your contact number that you have filled while creating account on WhatsApp. You don’t need any Login ID or password to remember to run this application.

Í      Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger is highly prominent application enables you to do free texting with your Facebook (a social networking site) friends without opening this site. Facebook messenger is such a great source that will let you to receive push notification every time whether you are running any other application on your device or playing game. The Facebook Messenger is always on since you will receive your Facebook messages always with push notification. The Facebook Messenger is just like another cross-platform application and it doesn’t accept any charges for texting, calling, and so on.

Í      Hike Messenger: Hike Messenger is just similar app to WhatsApp for android that lets you to chat for free with any other user of the service. It assists you to save the cost of sending SMS by exchanging free messages with anyone who has this application installed. The application is full of amazing stickers on hike which lets you to explain your emotions in the cool way. The application is highly popular because of its exciting and funny stickers that you can send to your friends on Hike.

Í      Tango Messenger: Tango Messenger is the free cross platform messaging service that allows you to connect, get social and having fun. You should send text message, make video call & voice call, share photos, videos, play games and many more with this android app. It also comes with features include group chatting, file and media sharing, stickers, emojis and even social games. There is no login or password required to run this application as you can create account on Tango within some seconds. The messenger provides high quality video & voice calling facility and you can also build group conversation through this messenger.

Í      BBM Messenger: BBM or Blackberry Messenger was a popular application for the blackberry devices that enable them to send message free of cost. Today, the android has brought BBM Messenger. The BBM messenger is based on the blackberry platform and it is not just like the other android applications as mentioned above. The BBM is always on service so you don’t need to open anything, fully secure sharing of messages and media include: docs, images, files, videos, voice messages, group conversation, emotions, broadcast messages and many more. The BBM messenger is best application designed for security purpose.