The android devices are being common to use among the people throughout the world due to their unique features. The android applications have most important for the android devices which let you to enjoy all the features of your android device. Sometime, you may feel difficulty to run your android device properly or may feel you device complains that it is out of memory. It may occur when installing a new application in the device or may be when downloading any media and related content in the device. There is nothing to worry it just required to manage available space in the device. There are several ways that you could follow to transfer android apps to the SD card in order to manage the available space as per need.

Sometime, by default the applications you install get stored in the phone memory and you just need to change settings. There are two different methods that can help you to transfer your applications to the SD card. In the first case, you can follow the basic steps mentioned below in order to solve your problem.


  • Go to the Settings application available in your android device
  • Then Open the Apps menu or ‘Manage Application’, where you will see all the applications of your device with their detail that are Downloaded, that are in SD card, that are in Phone memory, that are Running
  • Select the application from downloaded applications that you want to transfer to the SD card
  • A new window will open with its detail where you will see different options include: Force Stop, Uninstall, Clear Data, Move To SD Card
  • You can select ‘Move to SD card’
  • You can move more than one application in SD card whenever you need and you will also see detailed information of the space that your applications are using.

The above mentioned steps are usual to transfer the applications in the SD card storage. There is another solution developed for this particular issue by android platform is android application to move applications in SD card. These applications work pretty much the exact same way. There are plenty of applications are available in App Store or Play Store to download that will let you to move the applications in SD card.

When you open that application then you will see a list of your installed apps with the detail of memory they are using. You can select the application you want to transfer and here you will see multiple options where you need to choose ‘Move to SD card’. You can also uninstall application from the device with long press over the application. In this way, there is nothing hard to do and no need to see anywhere else as it is quick solution will surely work for you.