The creators of Pokemon are constantly updating its features for their players. Now, here is good news for players, Guess what? Niantic John Hanke recently announced that a new Pokemon Go update for iPhone and Android is about to release. Their goal is to release at least one update in every two weeks. Moreover they already stick this goal in most of parts over the past few months.

Latest Update

According to the latest update Niantic announced that a new Pokemon Go update about to released for Android as well as for I Phone. They released version 0.39.0 for Android and 1.9.0 for I Phone. There also have some other features and bug fixes.  There are many excited things about the Pokemon Go:

  • The first excited thing is that it capture the information and display it on screen that where pokemon was caught.
  • Now trainers can attempt the capture Pokemon they encounter from using Incense with Pokemon Go Plus accessory. Moreover trainer will appreciate it.
  • Minor bug fixed also new in for it.
  • This will not modified operating system as it looks to continue attack boats, scrapers and other forms of cheating game.
  • They also update other new features jut like Buddy Pokemon Explained, Latest Cheating Crackdown, and Nearby Tracking.
  • It also have battery save mode
  • Their team leaders Candela, Blanche and spark now become powerful faction.

The biggest reveal about pokemon Go is that Apple launch latest smartwatch that support pokemon Go. Moreover there are many exiting features with tracking activities. As well as you can learn more about their monster attack and defence stats from their team leader. So go and get your devices in order for all these new and exiting features of pokemon. You just need to download Pokemon Go and it automatically update in your smartphone. Learn more about more games and features in upcoming weeks.

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