It is being very common issue among the android users that the android device hangs a lot while running android applications. I have Samsung Galaxy III and Sony Xperia phone which hangs a lot while I run some applications. It occurs many times when the device gets overloaded with data. It is not only an issue with Samsung or Sony phones but most of the people face same type of issue in their android device. Firstly, I watch when I run most of the applications then it takes some time to open the application and my android device is not responding properly. Even sometime the application doesn’t open and showing error then I feel too frustration. I discuss my issue with one of my friend and he gave me completely relevant solution which works over it exactly.

  • You need to reduce the load of data from your device if there is low space on your device then you will face this type of issue.
  • Delete all the unnecessary data from the device if you really know it is no longer required.
  • You can sync your android device with your Gmail account, Facebook or Google+ in order to send all the data of your android device like gallery images or videos in these accounts. Here, your data will be stored by default and you can delete them from your android device to enable the device to run fast.
  • Ensure your SD card have relevant space to run all the applications well and if there is no more space then prefer to the SD card with higher storage space.
  • If you are suffering problem to run any application like WhatsApp then you can delete the backup of that particular application it will automatically speed up your android device or enable you to run that application faster.