The android users are being curious to see new features or updates in android platform. When Google launch something then android user gets please to enjoy the latest additions whether it is new application or updates in this world. Many of the android users are not satisfied with security applications only and they want something advanced to keep secrete data in their device. Many of you may want to keep your applications hidden from others where you may want to keep secrecy of your application’s data. Some parents want to allow their child to access some certain applications only and don’t want to let them use all the applications. But android phones have no solution for this requirement currently.

But there will be change with the introduction of multiple user accounts in upcoming version of android. Having multiple user accounts on the android phones, just like a system or android tablet will let you to lock certain applications and data behind a password. If there are multiple users in your android device, then you can prohibit your kids and other snoopers to know the password of your account. It will be best approach to keep your kids away from some specific applications and data that you want to keep secrete. The feature was introduced in 2013 on android tablets but unfortunately it is not available on android phones or smart phones.

Google has mentioned this feature will undeniably come in the android phone with any android update. But Google didn’t mention when and how it will come to android phones exactly. You just have to wait for unfortunate release of multiple user accounts to android phones.