Android is one of such platform at this time toward which the people across world are attracted. Updates in Android platform have brought a lot in this platform and these updates create more craze among the android users. An android user always looks out further for something advance that he can use in his device. Camera is the common application available for all android devices and there are similar applications are developed. Yes, there are more than thousand camera apps for android are available on App Store, Google Play Store, and so on. These are camera applications for replacement but no image editors.

Best Camera Apps for Android

  • HD Camera: This camera application is really great that lets you to make an excellent picture very fast. This application having features: Optical/digital Zoom, Screen Long Press for Making Photo, Focus Mode available, Exposure, Added effects and so on.
  • Google Camera: It is another camera application available which enables you to make quick and quality photos and videos. The app contains several creative picture modes like Photo Sphere, Lens Blur and Panorama. You will get Photo Sphere for immersive 360º views and many more features.
  • Candy Camera: Selfie Selfies: Candy Camera is best selfie camera for your photos. The camera allots easy and convenient editing, beauty functionalities, more than 100 kinds of frames, LG quick circle supported and many more. The total downloads of this application in eight months are 18,000,000.
  • Paper Camera: Paper Camera is really pretty app that gives you live view of variety of simulated drawn or painted effects include: turning your subject into cartoon or line drawing. It gives really exciting results and it is perfect camera that you can use for photos and videos.
  • Pro HDR Camera: There is couple of reasons for using HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera app that lets you to balance things out by taking photos at different exposures and then combining it into one shot for a more even exposure. The camera performs a decent job of dealing with slight movements by removing ghosting effect from the photo.
  • Snapseed: Snapseed can be your favorite photo filter application available on Google Play Store. It is best app when you want to tweak, edit or just want to give personal touch to your photos before sharing. You can also apply photo filters, can transform your landscape photos into tilt-shift masterpieces if you want.
  • Cymera: Cymera is really an interactive camera application is available on android and it focuses to take a certain type of picture. It works like normal camera app but integrated with smart features, filters, effects and other editing goodness.
  • Camera Zoom FX: Camera Zoom FX is another smart camera app for android takes different approach to use filter and effects. The app certainly the most feature-filled, handling both shooting and editing duties from one interface. It also constitutes other advance features of PicsArt.
  • Night Vision Spy Camera: The Night Vision Spy Camera is brought to have clear picture at the night time. It provides clear photo or video in the dark. The app lets you additional features like you can share your photos on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other applications.
  • Selfie Camera: Facial Beauty: It is pretty selfie camera lets you use facial beauty and charm enhancing filters to make your photo super sweet and super cute. It gives feature include: bright, soft and supple skin. It brightens your charm with super cute filters and adjusts the brightness and colors of photo.