The android apps are useful for variance requirements and enable you to do different tasks effectively. The major use of any phone is calling and some time it requires recording the incoming or outgoing calls with some people. Sometime, it is required to record the phone calls for security purpose or for any other purpose. With the use of these apps, it will be easy for you to record any of the phone calls on your android device. These apps are available with custom features enable you to record conversation with people if you want. You can change the recording settings as per need but it is ultimate solution that can help you for various purposes.

Best phone call recording apps for android

  • Call Recorder- ACR:- It is one of the great spy app for android that let you to record your calls’ conversation. The application comes with plenty of features and work perfectly for your call recording needs. The key features of this application includes: Search, Auto email, Grouping the recording by date, Auto delete old recording if it is not marked as important, Display contact name & photo, Auto or manual call recording, Different recording modes, Dropbox integration, and many more will surely work over your requirement.
  • Call Recorder (Free):- It is another call recording solution for your android devices let you to record all the call details on your phone. The major features of this recording application includes: automatic recording of phone calls, supportive to a number of recording formats, custom settings to use this application, quick filtering the selected number, write protection against eraser, ability to record or to not record conversation of specific users and so on. The application is supportive to two most popular languages include: English and Russian.
  • Automatic Call Recorder:- Automatic call Recorder is another fully usual application that enables you to record all the phone conversations. You can record the call you want as you can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored. It provides three default settings for automatic recording such as: record everything, ignore everything, ignore contacts, and so on. You can make several changes as per your preference since you can change the destination for recordings or can move it to SD card.
  • Call Recorder:- Call Recorder is highly preferable android application enables you to record the phone call conversation. It is simple and effective application that has ability to enable/ disable call recording, records all your phone calls, delete recorded items, lock recorded items to prevent from auto cleaning, share recording conversations, and many more. You can set the working of this application for the recording of phone calls as which calls to be recorded or which calls to be avoided.
  • All Call Recorder:- It is simple but efficient call recorder enables you to record the incoming or outgoing calls on your android device. It saves the recorded conversation in the 3gp file and enables you to change setting for recording calls. The application also facilitates to share the recorded files through other sharing applications like: Email, Bluetooth, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and many more. It provides auto cleaning so you can mark important to the recordings you want to protect from auto cleaning.