Android has the great significance in these days due to its unlimited applications and grand features. Today, the android online chat apps are in great populous since these cross platform applications enable you to stay in contact with friends always. There are plenty of chat apps are available to choose from will surely suit you. These all the apps are available in wide variety of features will surely entertain your while chatting with friends, family and so on. All the chatting apps work greatly while it comes to share thoughts and ideas with others and there is no limit for chatting.

Online Chat Apps for Android

  • WhatsApp:- WhatsApp Messenger is a popular android application can be used in window phones, smart phones or android phones. It is such messaging application that helps you to stay in touch with friends using WhatsApp. Once you have downloaded the WhatsApp Messenger, then it will never accept any hidden charges and you can use it as much as you want for free. The WhatsApp Messenger is based on your contact number that you have filled while creating account on WhatsApp. You don’t need any Login ID or password to remember to run this application.
  • Viber:- Viber is great and adorable app is available on android that lets you to send text messages, make voice calls, share and receive media, voice messages and many more. Viber facilitates for you to make voice calls around the world with no cost. It is such a great feature which builds international communication without any charges. It ensures you that you will never miss any message or call whether your Viber is off. You should add your profile photo, add contacts, can set wallpaper, can customize chat settings and privacy settings if you require.
  • Facebook Messenger:- Facebook Messenger is highly prominent application enables you to do free texting with your facebook friends without opening this site. Facebook messenger is such a great source that will let you to receive push notification every time whether you are running any other application on your device or playing game. The Facebook Messenger is always on since you will receive your Facebook messages always with push notification. The Facebook Messenger is just like another cross-platform application and it doesn’t accept any charges for texting, calling, and so on.
  • WeChat:- WeChat is such an interesting cross-platform application is now available for android, smart phone, iPhone, Nokia touch and type phone etc. The application enables you to stay connected with your friends every time around the world. It also enables real Wolkie talkie mode with up to 40 friends. It also enables you to like, share and to comment on your friends photos. WeChat uses your data plan or Wi-Fi connection and accepts no charges on calls or messages.
  • Line:- This application has no limit since you can send and receive messages, voice calls as much you want. Line is highly prominent application in present time that assists you to make free voice calls and can make free texting to your other friends who have installed this application. The application also assists you to enjoy multimedia features that include to send and to receive: images, voice messages, text messages, audios, voice calls, and so on. It assists wide range of funny stickers about popular characters around the world and they let you to entertain your friends.
  • Tango:- Tango Messenger is the free cross platform messaging service that allows you to connect, get social and having fun. You should send text message, make video call & voice call, share photos, videos, play games and many more on this android application. It also comes with features include group chatting, file and media sharing, stickers, emojis and even social games. There is no login or password required to run this application as you can create account on Tango within some seconds.
  • Hangouts:-Hangouts is another cross-platform messaging app lets you to send and receive unlimited text messages, voice messages, photos and videos. It also provides free videos calls with your friends and others. The application enables you to send and receive hangout messages as well as text messages to the hangout friends and also to them who don’t have installed the application. Build group conversation with friends and enjoy with unlimited emojis and animated GIF’s.
  • KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text:- Kakao talk is the fast and multifaceted application enables you to send messages, photos, videos and voice notes for free to your friends. The application offers array of emotions and sticker collection to make your chatting through KakaoTalk more funny. The key features include: fast, free chat, free video calls, emotions, stickers, group conversation, plus friend, voice filter, android wear, and many more. It enables you to add friends using blackberry pin, you can also appraise who read your messages, can do multitask during free calls, and many more.
  • Nimbuzz:- Nimbuzz messenger is the great chat apps for unlimited free messages and calls. It enables you to stay connected with friends across the world through messages or calls. You can send text messages or can share media files with your friends through the app. The key features of application includes: Free HD Voice calls, Free messaging, Group conversation, Stickers, Cheap International calls, Chat Buddies, File sharing, Sip Voip accounts and many more. The messenger is available for android, IOS, window phone, Symbian, Java, Mac and blackberry devices.
  • Skype:- Skype is such a highly prominent application popular for its free voice-over IP instant messaging service worldwide. It is such a great social networking website is available to stay connected with friends around the world. It allows users to text, voice calls or video calls anytime with no additional cost if there is data connection or Wi-Fi available on the device. This instant messaging application enables you to communicate with friends by voice using microphone, video by using webcam, and instant messaging over the internet with no cost.