Android device is one of the common devices all over the world and the people are really curious for its new and adorable features. Basically, the android apps have great role for the android platform which create higher acceptance of android devices. While it comes to security of android device as well as the user data on android device then it will never disappoint you. Yes, there are wide variety of applications for security are available that will help you to lock your device as well as applications with password, pattern or other locks. These app lock applications will enable you to keep your crucial data secrete from intruders and stay calm.

Best Lock Apps on Android

  • App Lock:- App Lock is such a highly preferable and most downloaded application for security works greatly. The application is perfect to keep your applications secured and it is protected with password. It is admired as no.1 app in over 50 countries, and the application is supportive to 24 languages. App Lock let you to lock Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, WhatsApp, Camera, Settings and so on. The application lets you to hide pictures or videos or enable you to limit the access to photos and videos in the gallery.
  • Perfect App Lock (App Protector):- Perfect App Lock is great application or perfect solution for security of your android applications. It lets you to protect any application you want with a password or a pattern. You can lock any application which includes: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, Email, Gallery, Camera, USB connection, Settings and many more. The application consisting wide range of features which make the application beyond you expectations. It also locks the home screen, locks outgoing calls, locks incoming calls and so on.
  • Smart App Lock:- It is smart app lock is available on android to let you to secure your android applications. If you want to keep your chatting apps secrete then it is best app will provide complete secrecy. It is best app lock is downloaded by more than 1 million people across the world. The app locker will protect all your installed applications using a password or pattern or gesture lock. Keep your password secretes and if anyone attempts to unlock your apps then will capture the picture of intruder after he become failed to unlock.
  • CM Security AppLock & Antivirus:- It is new application with new features that helps you to secure your android applications from intruders. It is such a top-rated, fastest and safest app lock having over 50 million users support to 26 languages. It can lock your contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, Email, Gallery photos/ files, Camera, USB connection, Settings, and so on. The app lock protects every type of data of the locked applications and it is also a antivirus to protect your device from virus or malware.
  • Lock (App Lock):- It is another lock for your android device that prohibits the unauthorized access with password. The application is perfect to lock SMS, Contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, Email, Gallery photos/ files, Camera, USB connection, Settings, Google Play and so on. The key features of this lock are: Blocks system configurations, Blocks play store, Prevents uninstalling applications, Low battery and memory consumption, App lock cannot be closed by Task killer etc.