Viber is such a great cross-platform application that lets the android users to build conversation with other Viber users. There are number of features are available in Viber that you can enjoy anytime. Many of you may have question why to select “Restore default setting” in the Viber. In the settings, you all may have seen an option “Restore default settings” and you can use it to reset all the settings again as they were in beginning. It doesn’t affect to your message or calling history as they will retain same but the default settings will be reset again.

Few days ago, my Viber account was not working well as when I make call through it then I was unable to hear anything. Then I was trying to find the error but I found nothing then I press “Restore default settings” and what I see automatically my issue get resolved. It is such a great option available in Viber as some time we make changes in settings where some may affect the working of application. You can reset all the settings if you find an error while running your application that will help you to resolve your issue and you can use all features of your application again.

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