Google Chrome is one of the great browsers to be used by people for surfing purpose. The android users would always try to find something new to enjoy the features of android platform. Some sites aren’t easy to run on the android devices and chrome for android devices is now having a new hidden “Reader” Mode that will strip the page of frustrating formatting so that you can enjoy with good stuff.

To find hidden options in Chrome, you need to familiar with the Chrome://flags menu that keeps several of experimental features that Google is working on. There is one great feature you’ll find there is a hidden “Reader” mode.

There are several apps out there like pocket, readability or Instagram that are doing well to boost your browsing experience. There are some basic steps to help you to get this latest feature in your own android device immediately. To enable this new feature in the Chrome on android, it is essential to ensure that you are running latest version of Chrome.

  1. Open the Chrome application and type Chrome://flags in the URL or address bar in the window.
  2. In the menu first go on the find on and then search for “Enable Reader Mode Toolbar Icon”. Click the enable link under the setting that you have opened.
  3. Now tap on “Relaunch Now”

The new “Reader” mode icon will be an “A” with some lines next to it, and it will show next to the address bar in the Chrome window. It is just an experimental feature so it is not guarantee that it will show on all pages that you are browsing.