The android is one and only a highly sophisticated platform with its number of features and applications. The major reason behind higher attention of people toward android is its time to time update and a number of applications. These android applications are not interrelated with any specific category since the applications are helpful for variance requirements. Now, the android has brought internet browsers for the android users for surfing purpose with ease. There are popular internet browsers that are available in android applications and we can call them as browser applications for android.

Best Browser Apps for Android

Æ     Firefox Browser:- Firefox is one of the highly preferable internet browsers let you to surf unlimited internet as and when you want. It is completely free, fast and reliable browser can be used on mobile device or on desktop. This highly usual browser has put the power of open web (Mozilla Firfox) in your hands. There is several latest security features are added in order to give secure support to android users. The major features of this browser includes: add-ons, awesome screen, awesome bar, fast, secure, sync, HTML 5, and many more.

Æ     Google Chrome Browser:- Google Chrome is such a most popular browser on the android which offers directing syncing with your desktop version by logging into the Google along with great surfing experience. It browses fast and securely on your android device, will assist to pick up where you left off on your other devices with tab sync, search by voice, and save up to 50% of data usage while browsing. The key features include: synchronization across the devices, save data, voice search, privacy and many more.

Æ     UC Browser:- UC Browser is best choice for browsing internet and it gets 500 million downloading across the world. It provides excellent browsing, downloading and searching. The major features of this application are: FB faster add-on, fast browsing, rich add-ons, customizable features, safe and smart downloading etc. The browser is popular for its speed and dependability which is best than other internet browsers. If you want to get rid of default browsers then UC browser is best application available for android.

Æ     Opera Browser/ Mini Opera:- Opera Browser is best alternative for default browsers for the android devices to surf internet. Opera is designed for the latest android devices that come with gorgeous, smart and reliable features. The browser let you to have great browsing experience and it is popular for its fast, quality and usual searching, downloading features. The features include: a better connectivity, entertainment, privacy, inspiration, more responsive, enhanced stability and compatibility. It is completely redesigned interface that is light, clean and bright to enhance the users’ browsing experience.

Æ     Dolphin Browser:- Dolphin browsing makes your mobile browsing easy, safe and reliable with its voice and gesture control features. It is great interface for android users that has improved a bunch over some time ago. Dolphin browser will use your voice to search through internet and give you instant results in personalized home screen. It gets 4.6 reviews out of 5.0 from its users across the world which provides wide range of features to enjoy. The key features includes: gesture, sonar, one-tap share, dolphin connect, home screen, theme and many more.