The android offers wide variety of applications to suit to several needs and android apps for doctors are also part of android applications. These medical apps are helpful for the doctors or healthcare professionals to perform their profession smoothly. There are plenty of android apps for doctors are there to download and to learn about the different sectors of health care. These apps are needed to add functionality for health care providers in at least one of the three ways include: Point of care use, Medical education, and patient education. These android apps will surely help you to be aware of several concepts of medical area whatever their field of expertise is.

Medical Apps for Android

  • Medscape:- Medscape is one of the largely popular medical resources for clinical use by physicians, nurses, medical students and other healthcare professionals. The key features of this medical application includes: Medical News, Drug information and tools, Disease & condition information, Medical calculators, Drug formulary information, Continuing medical education courses, Offline access and so on. The application supporting to devices include: Google Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Droid III, Google Nexus 7, HTC Incredible, HTC Evo 4G, and so on.
  • Epocrates:- Epocrates is another medical application that make sure that you have access to reliable drug, disease and diagnostic information wherever you are. More than 1million users and 50% of US physicians rely on Epocrates to provide better medical care. The people use this application to find providers for consults and referrals in the provider directory, review drug prescribing, check the potentiality, identify pills, perform dozens of calculations, access time to time medical news and many more.
  • WebMD for Android:- WebMD is the application that provides 24/7 access to health information and decision-support tool. It is effective medical tool that gives you first aid information without having connected wirelessly. The major features of this medical application are: WebMD symptom checker, Conditions, Drugs & treatment, Pill identification tool, First aid essentials, Local health listings, and so on. It also enables you to create custom list for the drugs, conditions and articles, review your saved information anywhere and anytime.
  • Diseases Dictionary Medical:- It is completely free application for medical needs. The application containing medical disorders & diseases with detailed definitions, symptoms, causes, and treatment information. The medical disease dictionary is like a free doctor at home for curing the common diseases. The features of this application are: works offline, detailed description of all major diseases, information regarding treatment, medical conditions and symptoms along with medication information, medication interaction and so on.
  • Medication Guide:- The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your personal medication records. The key features of the application are: drug list, complete drugs A to Z listings, Pill identifier, Interactions checker, Q & A, Health professionals, many other helpful tools etc. The application is completely helpful in the case of emergency and it can help you to save the life of your family member of someone else in the emergency.