The games have crucial part in the android applications that are also loved by the android users across the world. The games can be categorized into multiple categories and are suitable to different tastes. If you are fan of real racing, then you’ll love the racing games for android devices also and there are about 324 racing android games that you could explore. All these racing games are interesting and enjoyable that you can download and install to experience race.

Top Racing Games for Android

»       CSR Racing:- CSR Racing is the stylish and high quality racing game multiplayer head-to-head competition and exciting graphics will give unique gaming experience. The game is really delighting among the android racing games and it provides a lot of upgrades, vehicle and possibilities that give excitement to the player of this game.

»       Beach Buggy Blitz:- Beach Buggy Blitz is such a funny and easy racing android game which is full of exciting features. In this game, players cruise along the coast of a tropical beach, trying to hit the progressive checkpoints before the timer runs out. Collecting the coins will let you to fund for buggy upgrades and lots of other features will surely please you. The colorful graphics and other effects are added to add excitement in this game.

»       Real Racing 3:- Real Racing is one and only most downloaded racing game with fascinating graphics, challenges and cars is best for the racing lovers. The game trailblazing new features include officially licensed tracks, an expanded 22-car grid and other technologies are added. Take the challenge and complete in over the 900 events in order to become the best driver of car races.

»       Asphalt 8: Airborne:- Asphalt 8: Airborne is such a highly exciting arcade racing game available for android devices. The game has brought new surprising features for you like colorful graphics and so on. It skips all pretensions of realism and provides an over-the-top, high-octane game with all the fixings. The game gives 47 licensed cars from manufacturers throughout the world, 9 different locations with mirror mode each track, 2 new modes: Infection and Drift to create excitement for the players.

»       Fast & Furious 6:- It is the game about dragging that draws inspiration from the popular movie action. The game enables you to drive those cars that you have seen in the action movie. The players can shift gears at just the right time to pull ahead of rivals, and climb through the ranks, both in single-player and online races.

»       GT Racing 2:- GT Racing 2 is great racing game is available for android with collection of superb cars from over 30 manufactures across the world. The players need to climb the ladder through a series of single-player races to earn prestige which you can use to buy and upgrade vehicles. The game offers stunning, popular, competitive racing cars with lots of recognizable cars to enjoy.

»       Racing Moto: Racing Moto is one of the popular racing games, it is a fun bike racing game where it requires controlling your bike in extreme conditions. You need to drive your bike with incredible fast speed during traffic rush and need to cover as much way as you can. You should tilt your device in order to change the direction and tap on the screen to accelerate.

»       Motoheroz:- Motoheroz is side scrolling racing game that contains part of puzzler and racer. The controls allow players to move forward and back. In this game, you have a sole objective that is to guide vehicle into crazy, challenging tracks filled with obstacles. While race in the game, player need to collect as many coins as he can in order to use them for upgrading.

»       Race Stunt Fight 3:- Race Stunt Fight 3 is fun game for best selling motorcycles where the player needs to make an excellent stunt of its bike. You need to compete in the multiplayer mode and stunt against friends as you fight off the enemies to get the most points. Each level in the game contains power up items, fill up the white bar under your health meter to access your weapons.

»       Death Rally:- Death Rally is an gritty, combat-heavy top-down racing title. Players deck out their ride with all the manner of Mad Max-style weaponry and eliminate competitors in races and straight-up matches. The Death Rally is perfect game if you love action and cars altogether. The game is filled with stunning racing cars, weapons and explosive. The game is available for all android devices to play as much as you want.