There are full range of features are available on the android phone that you can enjoy. The android apps are really exciting since these are usual for the different needs of android user. There are wide variety of creative apps are available that enable the user to use its artistic mind and implement different options. Today, there are several photo background changer apps are exist that enables you to add new effects to your photos while selecting unique background. It is really interesting to give different effects to a single photo and then you can share it with your friends. There are full ranges of photo background changer apps that you can download and enjoy the features of each application.

Best photo background changer apps

  • PhotoWonder:- It is one of the great apps that enable you to change background of your photos in the way you want. The application hitting 100 million users all over 218 countries. The major functions that application assists you include: Filter Camera, Editing, Cropping, Rotating, Toning, Beautification, Effects, Decoration and many more. The application consists of variance creative features that you can use to change your photo in stylish way.
  • Background Changer:- It is another application on android that keeps your home screen fresh as you can choose your favorite photos, test wallpapers, memories of funny pictures to give background effects. It is easy to use and you can select multiple images to set them as wallpaper. The application is really great that gives several features. The key features include: Powerful album timer and event scheduler, tablet-optimized screens, low battery and data consumption etc.
  • Photo Background Changer:- If you want to change the background of your photos then it is perfect application on android. The key features of this application includes: Select photo from gallery or take a picture, Cut the main photo out using the numerous Photoshop like tools, Select the background for the main photo from the in-built images or from the gallery, Add retro effect to the created Image and many more.
  • Photo Background Change:- Photo background change is the great application for background change and it comprises multiple features. The application is completely free to use and assists you full range of exciting options to add effects. The app content includes: Photoshop Tutorial: How to Change a Photo’s Background, Adobe Photoshop CS6 Remove: Change Background, Change white background on Photoshop 7.0 etc.
  • Photo Change Background:- It is another really useful application for photo background changing. The application assists you to change the background picture of an image using refine tool and let you know how to change the background of a photo within limited time. It is capable to removing and changing the portrait image background and you can also change the background color of any passport size photo.