Battery Life is being crucial issues while it comes to choose any smart phone or android device. Android L is latest release of android mobile operating system developed by Google to increase the battery life. The android L has brought a number of new features for the android platform. The new features of android L have revolutionized the android platform and its over-exciting features. The developers having access to Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 can install a preview of this latest version of operating system called Android L.  This operating system has brought range of improvements over Android 4.4 KitKat. It brings new designs, security features and completely new environment to your android device.

The intention behind development of this latest Google’s operating system is to add new feature in the android world and to resolve some basic issues of android users like limited battery life. Some of the major features that are new in this operating system include:

Material Design: The android L has changed the way your android device looks and it is going well beyond the mobile phone, tablet, TV screen and so on. The design include: Shadow gradients, 3D tiles and these tiles move over one and another on the screen.

New Way for Notifications: While you have installed Android L then you will receive notifications in different way. The summary of notification will appear on your lock screen which you can view or can swipe to release.

Enhanced Lock Screen: The lock Screen is also getting smarter and it enables you to get push notification whether your device is locked. If have fixed any location or wearing a Bluetooth device then your device will recognize you and will automatically unlock your phone without a pin.

Faster, Better and More Advanced: The launch of Android L by Google is such a great way to make the android platform better. This operating system is faster as compare to previous operating systems. There are number of advanced features that android L has brought for android platform.

Interlocking Apps: Android L provides interlocking application facility as chrome surfing has an API that other apps can take advantage of. If you click on any link to make any particular selection then it will open only that particular selection instead to open mobile site.

Enhanced Battery Life: The biggest feature of this new operating system is that it has enhanced the battery life of your android device. The battery saver mode is integrated in this operating system for the phones having Android L to make battery efficiency.

Supportive to Android TV: Android L is going to support TV with information overlaid across the top of the information. It will enable you to access your games, films and TV shows on your big screen with different other features.