The Android is highly sophisticated platform with stunning features has great significance all over the world. It has brought a lot for the android users for their comfort where different applications are usual for different purposes. The android offers full range of applications usual for communication, creativity, security, shopping, and many more. If we talk about the security then android gives a number of options to maintain security on your android device. Different people must have different security requirements. If you want to lock WhatsApp (a popular cross-messaging application) then there are several apps are available to choose from.

WhatsApp Lock Applications:

  • Smart App Lock:- It is smart app lock is available on android to let you to secure your WhatsApp application on the device. If you want to keep your WhatsApp chatting secrete then it is best app will provide complete security. It is best app lock is downloaded by more than 1 million people across the world. The app locker will protect all your installed applications using a password or pattern or gesture lock. Keep your password secretes and if anyone attempts to unlock your WhatsApp then will take the picture of intruder after he become failed to unlock. Key features include: lock screen timeout, lock screen rotation, lock all the content of your WhatsApp and many more.
  • AppLock:- AppLock is such a highly downloaded app in Play Store for security and it is no 1 application in over 50 countries for protection. It provides complete security to your WhatsApp content and never let unauthorized person to access your application or its data. Having App Lock in the android device will never let you to worry if anyone is using your phone since he/she cannot access your locked applications. You can enable password or pattern or finger print lock to the application. The features of this app are: Protecting any application using password, hide picture in photo vault, provides list of colorful themes to choose from.
  • Messenger and Chat Lock:- The application is finest solution for protection of the WhatsApp data which includes: its chatting, images, videos and many more. After installation it will ask you to set 4 digit pin, and will give you configuration options to lock the app. It gives you complete protection from the intruder and if anyone tries to unlock your application with wrong password then it will take the picture of interloper. The major features of this lock includes: free to use, keep your WhatsApp safe, minimal permissions are needed, attractive design and simple user interface
  • Lock for WhatsApp:- Lock for WhatsApp is great application designed for this world popular application to let its users to keep their chatting safe. Using lock for WhatsApp will protect your application and your crucial information from the unwanted user’s access. It lets you to set pattern password or numeric password to hide WhatsApp contact names and photos. The application also provides drunk mode, full screen to unlock methods and also hide WhatsApp lock Icon. The application is best to lock only your WhatsApp on the android device.
  • Lock WhatsApp:- Looking for lock application for your WhatsApp? If yes, then Lock WhatsApp is best choice will absolutely work over your requirement of protecting your WhatsApp. The application provides really great user interface to let you to protect all the data, images, your contacts of WhatsApp from unwanted users. The application is light-in-weight and it is smaller than 3.5MB memory usage. Due to smaller size of this application is also consume low battery, provide attractive user interface, easy to use and configure, work 100% time in most devices and many more.