It is very common issue which every android user may have experienced after some days of using android phone that the android phone is getting slow. Most of you may look for how do I speed up my android phone or how to enhance android’s performance. There is nothing to worry if any issue occurs like this as there is no fault in your device if you feel. When your device gets overloaded with android apps or their data then your device don’t respond well on time. You may feel some of your applications are not running well or it takes too much time to respond. You don’t need to do more efforts to speed up your android device as you can do some changes in the settings of your phone and so on.

Many of you may feel that you need to install any app to speed up your device since there are list of such type of applications are available. But you don’t need to install any of application as you can also speed up your device while following some basic steps discussed below::::

  • Check the Internal Memory Space: You need to check your internal memory space as if there is low space in your device then the device doesn’t respond properly. You can also move your data or applications to external storage to maintain sufficient space for data in your device.
  • Clear App Cache: If android applications are not running well then you can clear your app cache in order to minimize the overload on application. You just need to visit on each application in manage application and then click on clear cache in the properties.
  • Uninstall or Disable the Unusual Applications: You can also disable or uninstall the unnecessary applications on your android device. There must be some apps which you have no longer required and you can disable or uninstall them to speed up your device or to run usual applications well.
  • Disable Animations and Remove Widgets, Wallpapers: Some android users prefer too much installation of widgets and wallpapers which create too much load over your device. You can also disable animations in the settings to maintain a balance among the space and data.
  • Restart the Phone: It is common option that we mostly prefer if the device doesn’t respond properly and it works many times.
  • Root Phone, Install custom ROM: You can also root your device to speed up it which gives additional options to do with your phone. You can overclock your phone’s processor or can install custom RAM and many more. Installing custom RAM can also benefit to speed up the device.
  • Update Firmware: You can also update firmware that lets you to make several improvements in the phone. It also enables you to enhance performance of your device which results speed up your device.