Google has announced the availability of G Watch and Samsung Gear Live in the market. It is not far from you since you will be able to enjoy with LG G Watch and Gear Watch within some days. It is surprise for the people who have ordered Gear Live and G Watch from the play store. Google primarily announced a shipping date of July 7 for the G Watch and July 8 for Gear Live. LG G Watch and Samsung Gear live are the first invention of android market with android wear smart watch. Their hardware runs on Google’s smart watch platform. The Gear Live owes much to its predecessors, which have run both a advanced version of android and Samsungs’ own Tizen, it manages to feel like much more than an older siblings’ hand-me-downs.

Basic information of G Watch

o       1.65-inch IPS 280×280 display

o       Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz processor

o       512 MB RAM, 4GB Storage

o       MSRP: $229

o       Available in black and gold shades

Basic information about Gear Live

o       1.63-inch super AMOLED 320×320 display

o       1.2GHz Processor

o       512 MB RAM with 4GB Storage

o       Available in black and wine red

o       MSRP: $199

The design of these devices is really great which will go beyond your expectations. All android wear devices are virtually identical in terms of their software experience so far, that’s by design. The display of the Samsung Gear Live is more brilliant than to LG G watch since it is probably actually truer to real life colors.