In San Francisco, Microsoft will disclose windows 9 for the press. Virtual assistant Cortana is one of the major features of this new OS which is potentially poised to be the new face of search. Windows threshold is expected to be named as window 9 when it ships in spring 2015. Basically, the Cortana is the major area of investment for the release of windows 9. Cortana will be fundamental feature among the other features of Windows 9 experience that will formulize your way to use the window.

About Cortana

Cortana is an app that opens up the personal digital assistant where you can then either type in your questions or ask verbally inside a smallish window. It doesn’t provide the full screen view as like in windows phone. The app is quite similar of using window phones and it maintains her circle shape and animated too.

The cortana is deeply in-built into the OS and you will see how the cortana and bing will co-exist or if they will. Now the users of window phones are able to browse using the cortana where the Iphone users can use Siri. Virtual assistants are the successor to conventional search on mobile device having several capabilities. Microsoft may see the cortana as a different feature and a way to inject more utility and appeal into the PC, which has suffered consistent sales declines among consumers as mobile devices have become more prevalent. It is currently available as a isolate app in threshold but the early work will progress into more integrated version of the digital assistant.

Microsoft is expected to launch the preview version of Windows 9 earlier this year with a new Start Menu, Metro style apps floating in windows on the desktop and more.