The Android is such a biggest platform with its stunning features and apps to download online earns very high regards from its users. The android has brought a lot for the android users across the world. If we talk about android apps then these apps are available for your each and every application. Now, the android is being able to bring flashlight applications for android to bright your device in the way you want. The flashlight applications are really usual in the case of emergency. There are several applications are available for this solitary purpose which you can review below.

Best Flashlight Apps

  • Super – Bright LED Flashlight:- Super – Bright LED Flashlight is such a great application gives complete features of LED light. It is really ultimate lighting tool in your hand instantly turns your device into a bright flashlight. The application is highly admired by its users across the world since it gets 4.6 reviews out of 5 from its users. The key features of application includes: guaranteed supper bright flashlight, convenient, switch on/off features are available to use the flashlight, blinking mode is also supported, great graphics and many more.
  • Flashlight – LED Torch Light:- Flashlight – LED Torch Light is another lighting application available on android works greatly. You can use this application anywhere anytime and it is best supported in the case of emergency. It is brightest, fastest and smart flashlight solution comes with most elegant design and fast startup. The features of this application are: brightest illuminator ever, fastest start up flashlight, blinking mode with sensitive frequency controller, use the Cam light, intuitive and elegant UI design.
  • Flashlight – Torch LED Light:- Flashlight – Torch LED Light is best front camera flashlight with video Zoom is fastest torch light. The application consists of rich features include: Torch light activates automatically, front light with video Zoom, clap for light on/off control, energy saving light, battery indicator, set custom light timing, flip device on/off control, brightest and fastest lighting system. It uses the front camera light on the device as a camera light and allows you to zoom in. It is capable to read in dark, replace backyard bulb at night, SOS during emergency and so on.
  • LED Torch Light:- LED Torch Light is great lighting application for android devices to increase the brightness of your camera light. The application converts your device in to a torch which is perfect to use in dark or in the case of emergency. You can adjust the brightness as per your preference and the app is also supportive to strobe mode. It is pretty application with stunning features which is best for a mini disco and a traffic light with working sequence.
  • Torch Light:- Torch Light or Flash Light is the another usual application for android platform. The app is compatible to android device of modern time and it is completely simple tool which turns the camera flash into torch light. If there is no flashlight in your camera then it gives you white screen with maximum brightness. It is usual to find some items in the dark and work instantly when you turn it on.