The android games for kids are really interesting that you can download for your kids’ entertainment purpose. These games are specially designed for the kids as per their need so that your child can also use the android device. These games are not only for entertainment but also usual to teach good things to your kid. If your baby is going to pre-school then you can go for basic educational games for kids that will make the learning easy for your kids. You can download or install these apps for free through Google Play Store or App Store and can create best source for your kids to learn while playing. There are wide varieties of such games for kids are available and these will surely suit you to teach your kids.

Top 5 games for kids

  • Baby Play – Games for Children:- Baby play is such a great application for kids to play as it comprises collection of mini games for kids. The application enables the kids to learn while playing as the game focus on entertainment as well as knowledge. The game will help you to play with your kids with these simple applications and arouse their learning from the first month. The game consists of major 6 fun games such as: explode the balloons, play with stars of sky, identifies animals and their sound, learn the words and numbers, identifying shapes, catch fruits etc.
  • Kids Learn to Read FREE:- It is another very excited game for kids is precede by kids ABC letters, kids ABC phonics and kids ABC trains. The major activities include: Blend sounds into words, Read simple words, Form simple words etc. With this game, your kids will learn a lot and it is great way to increase the knowledge of your kids. Your kid will learn several concepts through this game such as: ABC letter teaches letters, ABC phonics teaches sounds, kids ABC trains teaches letters and phonics, kids learn to read teaches your kids to read simple words.
  • Educational Games for kids:- It is another really exciting game for kids to learn alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week, months of the year and many more. The game is really great for children’s entertainment purpose and you can go for it to foster your kids. The key features of this game includes: educational game for kids, sounds of letter, colors for toddlers, shapes for babies, educational games and apps for preschoolers, calendar for baby, talking alphabet, real cute animals for kids, improve pronunciation, phonics education and many more.
  • Ocean – Puzzles Games for Kids:- The application is really great and it consists of several features to enjoy. The app has puzzles with sounds and interactive background that will surely entertain your toddler. You can download this application for your kids since they will enjoy learning and playing with animals of the sea. The child will have also fun discovering all the interactive objects and can hear sounds of the sea and related inhabitants.
  • Coloring Pages for Kids:-  It is a fun, educational and free coloring game for the kids or preschooler. The game features include: supports App2SD, optimized for android phones or tablets, approximately 500 coloring. The game is really great for kids to make them aware of different colors and teach the difference of different colors. It helps the kids develop motor skills and learn color combination in detail.